Bombs and Bottles

We here at CMB would all like to apologize to you guys for sleeping on Bombs and Bottles. This guy sent an email to our submissions page, and just now have we finally listened and decided to post. But I’m pretty sure you guys will be able to forgive us once you hear the music. Bombs and Bottles is a dj/producer/artist from NY, so its no surprise that he blends together various different types of music like electronic, pop, light dubstep and airy vocals. Anyways, just take a listen below, and if you like what you’re hearing, check out and download all of Bombs and Bottles’ music here

When The Lights Go Out


These two tracks are my personal favorites right now. They are both off of his mixtape Tonight which tells the story of a guy and girl getting ready, going out to a club, and then coming home and getting it on.

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2 thoughts on “Bombs and Bottles

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