Archie.V – Magic is Timeless

Well well well, it looks like this was another case of internet shenanigans. As I kind of suspected, this track is not an Avicii & Alesso track, but actually a track by Archie.V called Magic is Timeless. Big ups to this guy on making an absolute banger. So people, I beg you to not discount this track because it isnt by who you thought it was, but to jam to the music because it is awesome, regardless of who made it.

Download: Archie.V Magic is Timeless

As far as I know, this is a track by two of the biggest house djs in the game right now. Avicii and Alesso have joined forces to give us a straight shot of house to the face for the end of 2011. No word right now on if this is an official track or not (there have been fake avicii & alesso tracks before, for example, Night N Day which is amazing btw) but regardless, this one will be on all of my 2012 playlists.
p.s I love the poor grammar in the title

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2 thoughts on “Archie.V – Magic is Timeless

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