Concert Review: Alesso @ Drexel University Armory

This past saturday night Alesso performed at a Drexel’s very own Armory, which was sold out (3000 tickets sold) and CMB (myself and Dr. Rage) was their to experience it! The show was put on by Pi Kappa Phi here at Drexel. It was a fundraiser benefit show for Push America, which is their national philanthropy.

The lineup for the night was (in order of appearance): Zenbi, Dubsef, Kap Slap, LA Riots and finally Alesso. It was very surprising to see how well they transformed the armory here at Drexel into a concert venue. They had a full-sized stage with all the lighting you could ever imagine.

Before I get into what I thought of Alesso, I do want to talk about some of the opening acts I saw. First, Kap Slap the mashup DJ came on and I was expecting the crowd to go crazy for him, but I was surprised to see the lack of excitement in the crowd. I guess people did not know of Kap Slap like I thought. He put on a pretty descent performance, however couple of times he would come out in front of the stage to try and pump up the crowd and didn’t really do a great job. He did play all of his hit mash ups and I personally enjoyed him.

Next, their was the  LA Riots, now I have seen his name at shows before but never really had a chance to see and listen to him so I did not really know what to expect. I was very surprised by his performance. LA Riots did a great job of get the crowd pumped for Alesso and overall the set was pretty well done.

Finally, at about 11pm Alesso came on and the crowd went crazy. His set was pretty unreal playing all different tracks and different remixes. You could definitely tell this young Swede is going to be a pretty big DJ in the EDM scene very soon, if he isn’t considered one already! I was surprised he put on a full 2hr set and went right till 1am. He evened dropped his new vocal mix to “Calling” called “Lose My Mind” (video below) My personal favorite part of his set, which I really think changed the feel of the crowd, was when he dropped “Strobe” by Deadmau5 (video below). It brought the show to another level. Overall, I have to say Alesso did a fantastic job. One last note, just want to say Pi Kapp of Drexel did an incredible job and I hope they raised plenty of money for such a good cause.  If you would like to make a donation to Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy “Push America” here is the link to donate:

Donate: Push America

Here are just my final thoughts of the show:

Positives of show:

- Great openers

- MIND BLOWING lighting (crazy lasers)

- Of course everything Alesso did

- the entire show was for a good cause

Negatives of show:

- too many people out of their minds not doing anything but staring at the light (not much excitement except right up front)

- too much hostility with people arguing about pushing (its a concert, get over it)

Heres a video I got of Alesso dropping Strobe!

Video I got of Alesso dropping In my Mind by Axwell (shit gets wild!)

This is a video of Alesso playing his new vocal mix of calling (Lose My Mind). This is not my video but I had to post it because this song is massive.

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