JAM BAND UPDATE: Chadwick Stokes Simmerkane II MUST DOWNLOAD

Okay, so this is  a little different than what we usually post on CMB, but above all else we are supposed to give you good music. Also, I am the authority on Jam Bands for Catch My Bass, so it’s time for me to actually do my job.

Today I am all over Chadwick Stokes debut solo album “Simmerkane II”. For those of you who do not know Chad, he is better known for his roles as lead singer of the bands Dispatch and State Radio. So far, this album has been on repeat for me. A very upbeat album with a nice groovy feel. He described this album as more of a journey than anything else, which totally personifies this genre of music. As a matter of fact, this album actually is much more folky, almost a “Jam Band/Pop/Rock/God/Sex” mix. Trust me on this one guys, give it a chance. This is some good relaxing, marijuana smoking jams.

Noisetrade.com is giving this download for free with the possibility of you giving ‘tips’ to Chadwick for the album…This offer ends February 29th. To not take anything away from Chad, I will just put up the link to download the album from noisetrade right here.

After that, I will put up a download link.


P.S. This is the song that made me fall in love with Dispatch and Chadwick. “The General” is probably his most popular song, so don’t be surprised if you know this song. This is the performance that Dispatch did at MSG will all of the proceeds of the concert going to refugees in Zimbabwe.

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