Tree J Woods- Diamonds (Instrumental Mix)


We are used to Tree J Woods giving us quality remixes, mashups and edits to many big house and trance tracks, but who says a producer needs to be limited in all explorations of production? Tree J is back with a very original/unique hiphop type beat sampling Rihanna’s Diamonds. Im not usually into hip hop beats, but since the rise of trap and “big room” hip hop, I’ve definitely found some respect for different sounds. This is extremely well done and definitely would work too with vocals over top as well. Great job Tree J. Take a listen and see what you think! Download for free! Enjoy!


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RL Grime Halloween Mix 2012


Happy Halloween everyone! I know if you live on the east coast, it may not be the happiest of times but everyone here at CMB is an east coaster and our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone effected by Sandy. If you are lucky enough to have electricity/internet of some sort you should definitely check out RL Grime’s Halloween 2012 Mix! Filled with a combination of Trap, Rap, some hip hop, this spooky creation is pretty gnarly. If you’re into dark music, this is up your alley. Check it out and give it a download cause it’s for FREEEEE! Enjoy!



“The Heist” Review

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s new album The Heist is an album that has a different sound but such a real feel. The album has been at the top of iTunes chart and it is defiantly a hit. Any type of listener can relate to any of the tracks off this album. I highly recommend the Deluxe Edition, coming with some serious artwork for each track and making the album feel like a piece of artwork not just a beat with some rhymes. My personal favorites are “Thrift Shop” “And We Danced” and “Victory Lap” but all the songs are really put together nicely. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are serious about what they do and you should. The lyrics on some of these songs really deep and meaningful and tell the story that everyone who was apart of The Heist went through. I do think this is one everyone should go out and actually buy…enjoy

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Sums it all up.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Album Preview

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Album is one that has been highly anticipated for a while now. Here at Catch My Bass we’ve been showing everyone their music videos as soon as they hit the internet. The Heist is going to be a great album mainly because every song that is release from it has such artistic music videos and meaningful lyrics.

This video says it all.

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October 9th, 2012