Flux Pavillion – Blow The Roof EP



Flux has finally dropped his EPIC bass heavy “Blow The Roof” EP. He spans multiple genres on this one and it’s nothing short of amazing. Definitely an epic party starter. Be sure to pick this one up on iTunes and as always, rage on my friends.

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Childish Gambino – L.E.S. (Official Music Video)

Yesterday Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover released a music video for his song “L.E.S” off of his mixtape CAMP. The video doesn’t actually have him in it, but actually just depicts a few nights in the Lower East Side, which is what the L.E.S. stands for. What’s funny is that I actually saw a lot of this video when I went to his concert in April. He had a video board behind him as he was performing and some clips from this video played in the background. Since then, there has been some editing done to it. This is just an example of some great cinematography that can exist in a music video. Just beautiful artwork in my opinion.

Childish has been pretty quiet since the release of his mixtape ROYALTY, taking some time off to work on his other career; acting. He has been deep in filming for his NBC show Community. Which begs the question; can anyone else do what Donald Glover does. He is a very popular rapper, a stand up comedian, and an actor in a popular network television show. What’s funny is that there are a lot of people out there who love his acting and have no idea about his music career, and vice-versa. Just one of the most talented individuals in show business right now.

P.S. Props to actually finding someone with a Rugrats tattoo (mentioned in the song).

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Flux Pavillion feat. Childish Gambino – Do or Die

WOW. I have been waiting for this collaboration for a while to be released between Flux Pavilion and Childish Gambino and it has lived up to expectations and then some. Classic Flux can be heard from the driving bassline and classic wobble complimented by Gambino’s filthy flow. This song can be found on Blow The Roof due out January 28th that’ll surely put Flux’s upcoming album on the map! Check this song out as well as the title track, Blow The Roof, below now!

Click to Download: Flux Pavilion feat. Childish Gambino – Do or Die

New Artist: Shreddie Mercury

So I looked into Shreddie Mercury after I saw that he was the Grand Prize winner for the recent Zedd – Spectrum Remix contest. Literally stunned with the kind of talent that this young man from Columbia, Missouri has and I know he’ll be making moves onto the larger scene soon enough. He’s got a great combination of electro mixed with synth sounds similar to a darker version of Madeon. Shreddie describes it as “music that sounds kind of like video games to play video games to”. Couldn’t have put it more perfectly. Check out a few of his tracks and listen to his Spectrum remix for yourself now out on BeatPort!

Buy on Beatport: Zedd – Spectrum (Shreddie Mercury)

NEW VIDEO: Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

So Danny Brown is making some waves with his new single and video “Grown Up”. I never heard of him before I saw him open up for Childish Gambino a couple of months back (click here for the concert review and a video from the show). After the concert, I thought he was real good and decided to look into him more. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was impressed by him.

Danny Brown has been making big splashes recently. He had an album in 2011 XXX, which actually earned # 1 Hip-Hop Album of the year by Spin Magazine and he is regarded as “one of raps most unique figures in recent memory” by MTV. That is definitely apparent by his unique style of rapping as well as his unique fashion sense. He also was part of the “Freshman Top 10″ list with XXL Magazine and just signed a sponsorship deal with Adidas. Definitely keep a look out for him in some of the new Adidas commercials.

This is a real good song, very upbeat, super funky. The video is pretty good visually too. There’s actually a funny story about the shooting of this video. In the video, the kid falls on his bike and hits his mouth, losing some teeth. This is because one of Danny Brown’s calling cards is his smile. He fell as a kid, cracked some teeth, and then decided that he liked it and just never got them fixed. To compensate for that in the video, they had to have the kid crack his teeth. Gives a good example of the kind of person Danny Brown is.

Childish Gambino – “Black Faces” (Featuring. Nipsey Hussle)

So once again via Childish Gambino’s (AKA Donald Glover) website, he released yet another song. Rumors are that after the commercial and critical success of his album Camp he is going to release a mixtape. He hasn’t given any definite dates for release, but this is the second song he has released since Camp, after the one he released a few weeks ago after a rant on Twitter (Click here for our story on it). 

Much like the other song, this one is shrouded in mystery. On the home page of his website is a very long quote by “Big Ghost” a strangely anonymous figure who has commented on many other aspects of rap culture. Then at the bottom he released another song called “Black Faces” featuring Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey is a gangster rapper from LA, appearing on tracks with Snoop Dogg and Drake.

Now, I am a big Gambino fan, saw him a little while ago and absolutely loved him (Click here for a concert review). However, I am very interested in this new persona he has shown in his past two songs. He always shown himself as the black kid in a white community, never really fitting in. However, in these past songs he released, he has seemingly shown a very gangster persona. Perhaps this thread will go through his entire mixtape, maybe it’s a lifestyle change, or maybe this is where his rap is gonna go. Right now, all you can do is speculate. Regardless definitely a good song worth listening to.

Download: Childish Gambino – “Black Faces” (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)

New Childish Gambino Track – “Untitled”



So today I was on twitter minding my own, when I see a huge string of tweets from Donald Glover’s twitter, also known as rapper Childish Gambino. It went on for about 20 tweets talking about everything from thanking fans to reminding them this started as a joke to being really introspective and talking bout his struggles with his current life.

Then he released a new song, so I forgave him for overloading my timeline. It’s called “Untitled” and seems to be a pretty raw project. He also has a pretty interesting quote from Big Ghost.

Click on the link to see the quote, hear the track, and download it

Download: Childish Gambino – “Untitled”