From Across The Pond – Conor Maynard

Seeing as how I haven’t done a from across the pond post recently, I figured now was as a good a time as ever. So this is a post to introduce you to possibly the next big male star, Conor Maynard.

The Brighton based teen rose to fame through the magic of the internet, specifically through his various cover songs he posted on YouTube. He covered popular US R&B songs by the likes of Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Usher, Katy Perry and countless others, quickly racking up hundreds of thousands of views. This all culminated with a Skype call with Ne-Yo whose track Beautiful Monsters, had been covered by Conor and had rapidly reached 1 million views. If you realized that this sounds a bit similar to the way Justin Bieber got noticed, you’d be correct.

But here is where their journeys separate. Conor has yet to be “imported” to the US Airwaves, and it will be interesting to see the reaction US fans have. There has been talks about him doing a collaboration with One Direction, a boy band in the vein of N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys.  With One Directions recent success, they could be the perfect vessel to introduce Conor to the US. In England and across Europe, Conor has no trouble gaining exposure after being named MTV UK’s Brand New Artist for 2012. He is currently performing some shows in England with aims of expanding the tour when his album is released.

Now for the music, which is the important part. First up are two of his biggest covers, as well as his cover of Beautiful Monsters, which is what led him to get a record deal. After those I’ll post his new single, which is a product of the industry music machine and does a huge disservice to Conor’s voice and abilities. But anyways,

And finally, here is the single. Ugh, I can’t get over how much the industry ruins talent. Gosh, all of his songs on YouTube are generally slowed down and stripped of lots of production. Most are really sparse and just let his voice do the work. Why can’t the industry just let him make songs like that instead of trying to turn him into an unoriginal pop machine that attempts to churn out radio singles. bleh, ill stop now. watch below. it’s actually not that bad, it just isn’t what it should be.

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