2011 Year End Mashups

I swear this is the last time I’ll post year end mashups but I found a few more and felt like they deserved sharing with you guys as well. Especially if some of your favorite songs weren’t included in some of the previous efforts. So here are the rest of the 2011 mashups along with links to their youtube videos

DJs from Mars – Top of The Pops MegaShuffle

Youtube Video

Daniel Kim – Pop Danthology 2011

Youtube Video

DJ McFly – 2011: The Aftermash

Youtube Video

Sex Ray Vision – Mind Explosion 2011

Youtube Video

Theo* – 2011 Pop Megamash

No Video

So yea, there it is, every last mashup I could find for all of yall, these to go along with the previously posted Yoni , DJ Earworm and Mashup Germany mashups that were previously posted

So if you aren’t sick of mashups yet, you soon will be, and thankfully, we have a whole year until we have to begin hearing them again.

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