Bombs and Bottles and Fashion Week….Wait What?!?

All right, so we got a few artists that we follow very intently here at CMB. All the guys that work here have varying tastes of music, giving you hopefully a nice blend. However, when all of us agree that one artist is just amazing, then we know they are really special. A perfect example of that kind of artist for us is Bombs and Bottles (click the link for one of our major stories on Bombs and Bottles).

Now, Bombs and Bottles announced that he is releasing a new EP February 13th called “The Heist”, which is a big deal in itself. However, it’s what he is releasing it for that is drawing our attention.

His EP is going to be heard for the first time February 12th at 1:30…as the background music for a fashion show during fashion week in NYC. Now, I’m gonna assume most of you guys don’t follow the high fashion scene (trust me, I don’t either), but he is doing this in conjunction with Marlon Gobel, a designer for mostly men’s fashion. Basically, the EP that Bombs and Bottles is going to put out is going to be the background music for this show.

At CMB, we are all about artist figuring out different ways to get their names out there, and this is one of them. I always thought Bombs and Bottles’ music is very visual, where you can actually see the scenes he paints out. Having visuals go along with his stuff is going to be very interesting.

I never thought I would say this, but I will be definitely be watching a fashion week fashion show (as long as it is streaming on the internet that is…I would never actually GO to one…c’mon)


UPDATE: According to Bombs and Bottles Twitter, he has an interview with MTV coming up and they just bought rights to use his songs on Jersey Shore…looks like our guy is blowing up a bit

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