The Dean’s List – Birth (Official Video)

The opening track of Generation X gets the video treatment with some help from the guys over at FTS Creative. The video doesnt do much in the way of enhancing the song, but it does utilize some cool camera tricks and gives the song some well deserved visuals to go along with sonny’s lyrics and Mik and Mendoza’s production.

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The Dean’s List – Take Shape (Official Video)

Staying true to their goal of making a video for every track on the album, The Dean’s List gives us the video for Take Shape. If you haven’t already, go pick up Generation X on itunes. The guys are doing a lot of work now and really making a name for themselves, so give them your support.

The Dean’s List – Hollywood

Ahhhh dopeness. Its still not April 3rd, the release date for Generation X, the debut album from The Dean’s List, but until then I guess I’ll have to survive on the singles they have released already. Hollywood is the second single, following the Sid Siriam assited track Youth and features vocals from Dani Ummel. If you think the name sounds familiar, it is, Dani lent the guys some vocals on Light Up the Sky and No Sleep on The Drive In. This track leaves me so hyped for the new album to drop. Generation X will feature 16 tracks and 2 bonus songs, and the two already released tracks feature the only guest vocals on the album. Everything else will be coming from just Sonny, Mendoza and Mik. So take a listen to the track below, and support the guys by buying thier new music on iTunes.

The Dean’s List – Youth ft Sid Sriram

Finally, some new music from The Dean’s List. These guys are one of my favorite groups out there right now, and I’ve listened to their mixtape The Drive-In way too many times to count. This track is a taste of what we can expect from their soon to be released mixtape Generation X. So while we wait for that April 3rd release date to arrive, let Sonny’s flow over this mendoza and mic produced track tide you over. The song also features some guest vocals from Sid Sriram.

Side Note – it may just be me, but Sonny’s flow on this track has some elements that a rhythmically similar to Iggy Azalea’s track Pu$$y