Radical Something – We Were Just Kids


So i don’t know about y’all, but i’ve been feeling incredibly nostalgic lately. I graduate in less than two weeks, ready to begin a new part of my life and I know some of you guys are right there with me. Radical Something has always been able to put out track that are perfect to just chill out and cruise to with the windows down, this track is no exception. It has such a feel-good vibe to it as most of their tracks do. Singing about the good old days when life was carefree and things were just plain easy. Definitely a solid grad send-off song. Be sure to peep it and support these guys, they’ve got a real talent and i’d love to see them get the recognition they deserve.

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Mod Sun – Happy As Fuck ft Pat Brown

Mod Sun is one happy go lucky dude and this track clearly illustrates that notion. Entitled Happy As Fuck, this is a song for cruising in the car, starting a party, or relaxing on the beach. Wherever you choose to listen to it, I promise you will be nodding your head, singing along, and in general, being happy as fuck : ]
PS – The Happy As Fuck EP drops on June 6th

Download Happy As Fuck

Fortune Family, Upper West, and Melody Noel – Spring

Came across this one earlier and I had to share it with all of you. It’s definitely an awesome track. Smooth lyrics, dope beat, beautiful vocals, it’s got it all. It put me in such a good mood. I promise y’all you won’t be disappointed. Go ahead, try not to smile and bob your head while listening. Download and jam out friends.

DOWNLOAD: Fortune Family, Upper West, and Melody Noel – Spring

Flo-Rida’s “Whistle”

Flo-Rida is back again with what is sure to be another chart topper. Normally i’m not the biggest fan of him but he’s just so damn catchy i always end up jammin to a track or two. This one in particular just puts me in such a good mood. Can’t fucking wait for summer, t-minus two weeks. Download and jam out my friends.

DOWNLOAD: Flo-Rida’s “Whistle”

Archie – Leto (Radio Edit)

Alright so I know i’ve been slacking lately, but i hope this will make up for it. Archie’s latest track “Leto” further proves why he should become a household name in the EDM nation very, very soon. The track starts out with those light, airy synths that we’ve come to love, almost Avicii ‘esque. Then comes that heavy bass that just brings the whole track together and makes it nearly impossible to bump this track without wanting to jump with joy. Definitely a must download. Jam out and rage on my friends.

DOWNLOAD: Archie – Leto (Radio Edit)

Tinchy Stryder ft. Pixie Lott – Bright Lights (Good Life)

So i stumbled upon this track while i was watching the Giants manhandle the falcons and i must say im really digging this influx of talent from the UK recently. Tinchy stryder took a bit to grow on me but the more i listen to this track the more i love it. Of course, the fact that Pixie Lott has such a beautiful voice and is so goddamn gorgeous certainly helps. Seriously, watch the Official Music Video, jaw dropping. But anyways download this track and jam out.


DOWNLOAD: Tinchy Stryder ft. Pixie Lott – Bright Lights

2011 – The Year EDM Became a Household Name.

This video truly highlights some of the largest dance festivals and shows in an amazing light. I know CMB is still in it’s infant days, but i hope with the help of all of you out there we can grow and find new and amazing music together in 2012. The track in the background of the video definitely definitely gives off an uplifting, feel good vibe and is an essential in any NYE playlist. Rage on CMB fans, we love each and everyone of you.


DOWNLOAD: DSK CHK ft. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (2012 Mix)