Bombs & Bottles – Money 3.0 + Numb and Young + PreGame Remix Contest

Ahh, I hope you guys are as hyped as we are. Bombs and Bottles just put out not one, but two new tracks for download, a new video for one of the new tracks, which is an edit of a song from his EP Tonight, and announced a remix contest for his song The Pregame. If this doesn’t make for an amazing Friday, then you need to get your ears checked. The new track, Money 3.0, has the vocals we expect from B&B over a great dub/electro beat. Every part of the track comes together in a musical explosion that I cant stop hitting the replay button on.

Download Money 3.0
Next up, Numb and Young is an edit of the song The PreGame and it got the visual treatment, which you can peep below. This is Bombs & Bottles first video since his earlier works and is hopefully a sign of things to come. The visuals serve as a nice background to my second favorite song from his EP.

Finally, there is the announcment of the PreGame remix contest. B&B gives you the stems for the track and its up to you guys to remix it in any way you would like. The best remix is going to win something awesome, but you wont know what it is until you start participating, so download the stems here and get started. Check out the contest details here

For more stuff from Bombs & Bottles, you can Download All His Tracks from Soundcloud

And you should also all  check out our interview with Bombs & Bottles, His previous two EPs, The Heist and Tonight, and you should throw him a like on Facebook **

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Chiddy Bang – Mind Your Manners (Official Video)

Yay! What a perfect song for a friday. Chiddy Bang has just released the official video for Mind Your Manners, which is one of the best songs off of Breakfast. If you guys are still skipping the most important meal of the day, you should change that and pick up a copy of the album. Check out the video which features a lot of really weird images that have almost nothing to do with the track : ]

D-Pryde – Start Again (Official Video)

Well first off, our posting has been a bit slow, but its for good reason. March Madness has consumed my life these past 2 days and will continue to do so, so posts will be a bit more sporadic. Anyways, here is the new video for D-Prydes track Start Again. Off of his mixtape Mars, this track touches on how we should all view life. The video is pretty simple but has a strong message that is driven home with the visuals. Not only is it appropriate for the teams that lose in the tournament, the song is also a great message for all of us to heed. I will also say this, if this song was by Justin Beiber or someone else of that nature, this would be a top 10 radio hit, I have no doubts about that. So check out the video, and let me know what you think.

Alex Clare – Too Close

So for those of you who own tv’s you have probably seen the new commercials for Internet Explorer. Why anyone would use Internet Explorer is beyond me, but I couldn’t help but feel my interest pique when my ears caught sound of the song in the commercial. It turns out the song is Too Close by Alex Clare. Clare is an artist from London and this is a track from his debut album, The Lateness of The Hour. The whole song is well crafted and I love the light whomps during the chorus. So take some time and watch the video, and check out his other songs and buy his album on iTunes.

PS The video is badass

Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music (Official Video)

Chris Brown gives us the video for his newest single, Turn Up The Music. I guess the video is set in the future, but it’s not like that takes it any further away from the formulaic video fare we expect from Chris. It starts with some dancing in the street a la Yeah 3x and then enters a futuristic club with people wearing animal heads (Ke$ha’s video for Blow) and then devolves into Chris showing off some cool dance moves with his back up dancers behind him. Not innovative at all, but a video with lots of sights and sounds, check it out, and if you like this kind of music, make sure to pick up Brown’s new album Fortune when it drops.

Radical Something – Say Yes (Official Video)

So a few days ago we posted Radical Something’s new EP, No Sweat. In 24 hours it broke the top 10 albums on iTunes. I was impressed to say the least, especiallty when they released this video a day later. It’s simple, but gets the job done. Cheers to Radical Something for bringing us some new visuals to a chill song. Enjoy.

Logic – The Spotlight (Official Video)

Logic dropped a new song and video over Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”. I like Logic, he always seems to be having a great time and it is really shows in his music. He brings high energy, solid bars, and catchy beats to the table and ‘The Spotlight’ is no exception.