Show Review: Excision with Paper Diamond & Vaski @ The Dome at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT – 3/13/13

885661_493874853993886_1204847907_oSo last wednesday The Excecutioner Tour rolled through Wallingford, CT pumping nothing but EPIC bass. As the crowd poured into The Dome at Oakdale (An incredible venue for this type of show) you could feel like excitement in everyones voices. Everyone was ready for a heavy dose of bass.


885700_493803967334308_862971899_oFirst up in the lineup came Vaski, hailing out of Minnesota. I can tell you right now, if people didnt know him before, they know him now. His set was absolutely phenomenal, dropping tons of dubstep bangers including his own tracks in there as well. The crowd went absolutely wild when he dropped his Darude-“Sandstorm” Remix. It was absolutely epic and I can tell you right now, I’d love to see this dude come around here again on a headlining tour of his own because he certainly knows how to get a crowd amped.

885725_493807670667271_2068375878_oNext up came Paper Diamond hailing from Colorado. My dude knows how to mix INCREDIBLE tracks into every set and this was no exception. The crowd went wild as he dropped banger after banger. At this point the building had filled and people were here to party and Paper Diamond gave them the music needed to do just that. Bass to the face fa days. Definitely gonna have to check him out next time he comes around, definitely a solid act.

885706_493871320660906_2069355219_oThen entered the BASSmaster, Excision himself. This tour was advertised as providing us with over “100,000 Watts of Bone Crushing Bass” and I can promise you it was that and more. Never in my life have I been at a show where the drops were able to LITERALLY take my breath away. Absolutely incredible. The stage for this show was unreal, literally no words to describe how incredible it was. Moving perfectly to the bass and synth lines as they dropped, it provided for an all around insane show. I can’t tell you how many people I heard as I walked around saying, “This show is incredible”. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Excision dropped his “X-Rated” Remix, the crowd (myself included) went WILD as that bass drop hit. Absolutely incredible in every aspect. Excision has without a doubt set an incredible high bar when it comes to Bass filled shows such as this. DEFINITELY check him and the rest of the crew on the rest of the tour if you get a chance.

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Event Review: Datsik @ SoundGarden Hall, Philadelphia 11/2

When I say SoundGarden blew up last Friday, I’m not exaggerating it blew up with some serious bass brought by Terravita, Xkore and Datsik. Xkore was up first last Friday and was by no means just some lame opener. His set was insane from start to last and had the place going nuts well before Datsik was even going to take stage. The crazy part is xKore is only 18 years old and had SoundGarden going crazy to his set.

xKore getting the night going!

Next up on the night was the DJ trio, Terravita, comprised of Chris Barlow, Matt Simmers and Jon Spero. Teravita tore the place apart, and brought tons of energy to the crowd. With two of the Djing and one out front MCing/rapping they definitely brought tons of energy to SoundGarden that night. The crowd by the way was unreal. Most people still continued the Halloween celebrations with ridiculous costumes and freaky masks.

Terravita had the place going insane!

Datsik finally took stage around 12:30 that night and the second he got up to the DJ table everyone was going nuts at SoundGarden. He played a solid set with some of his crazy bass filled tracks like King Kong, and Swagga and even dropped some new tunes that blew me away with some serious drops. Some people may have been disappointed that he did not have the vortex that he usually has at his shows set up, but it was not needed. Datsik doesn’t need the crazy lights to put on a great show. The time he put into making his set was shown and he absolutely killed it.  To say the least, this was one of the best shows I have recently seen in awhile, and highly suggest to anyone that has the Firepower tour coming to an venue near them to definitely go! You will not be disappointed.  Check out more photos from the night on our Facebook Page and don’t forget to give us a like!

Datsik finishing off the night!

Show Review: Datsik’s Firepower Tour @ The Dome at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT 9/7/12

Enter the Vortex. Last friday, myself and a friend had the esteemed pleasure of joining none other than Datsik and his bevy of bass heavy supporting acts for an incredible evening of dirty, dirty dubstep. I could feel the energy as soon as I walked into the venue. Everyone was so incredibly pumped for this show as the supporting acts took the stage to electrify the crowd in preparation for the star to come out. As the bass built up, the sheet covering a large object on stage dropped and we got our first glimpse of the one and only Vortex. Then you hear the beats begin and the lights start up as none other than Datsik takes the helm of this incredible show. He then proceeded to go OFF and blow us all away with so much incredible music, original as well as others. He dropped so much bass on the crowd, there was a point where it literally took our breaths away. The show altogether, lights, music, and showmanship just blew me away. It was an incredible experience that i’ll never forget. Definitely be sure to check this tour out as it continues. Also check out the photos below to get a better glimpse of the experience we call DATSIK.

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Festival Review- IDentity Festival // Festival Pier- Philadelphia // 7-29

Le Castle Vania!

So let me start off by saying “WOW!” Last Sunday at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, Identity Festival rolled through bringing some pretty big names in the EDM world to Philadelphia. Some of these names included Audrey Napoleon, Le Castle Vania, Madeon, Arty, Showtek, Excision, and Eric Prydz! The day could not have been more perfect with only a little bit of rain in the beginning, the sun was out most of the day and the music was blasting non stop.

Some of the highlights of the day was definitely Eva Simmons early on at Festival Pier with Eva Simmons putting on a hell of a show with her amazing vocals. Then came Audrey Napoleon bringing the techy beats with her hits like “Poison” and “Banana Soda.” A little later on came Arty bringing his massive house sound, which got Philly going insane. Just


when you thought IDFest couldn’t get crazier, Madeon took the stage and blew people away with a stunning set. Followed by the hard style of Showtek and the grimy bass drops of Excision. If you haven’t seen his set, you better check out the vids and pics because that stage set up was mind-blowing.

Then finally the festival concluded with the one and only Eric Prydz. Like I said in my festival preview coverage, Prydz has not performed in America for a few years now due to his phobia of flying. Well Identity got him here and he blew Philadelphia away. Playing some of his tracks including “Panjoo,” “Allien,” and coming out for an encore to play “Mirage.” It literally was a breath-taking DJ set. Now people may disagree with me just because he didn’t play his most known track,

Excision’s Stage!

“Call On Me.” My personal opinion to why he didn’t play that is because he does not want to be like Avicii getting stuck playing “Levels” all the time. This is what I love about Prydz, he plays what he wants, not just what everyone expects to hear.

Either way, Identity Festival- Philadelphia was a great day for EDM in the city of brotherly love. Check out all the pics of you guys on our Facebook (don’t forget to like us) and be sure to check out our our interview with Audrey Napoleon and check back soon for our interview with Arty! Rage on!

Eric Prydz!

Avicii @ Bridgeport, CT Review, Pictures, and 24 Minute Video Recap!

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Alright, so last night I had the pleasure of being able to catch the one and only Avicii for the first time and let me tell you his performance was unbelievable. While unfortunately for me I had to go to the show solo, the grandmaster himself made it a worthwhile venture. This was the second all ages EDM event i’ve been to and it certainly showed with the average age being around 18. This however did not affect my experience obviously as the turnout was great and crowd participation was at an all time high. The opener DJ Paige surprised me as he threw together an impressive set to get the crowd warmed up. Then came Avicii himself, absolutely blowing the crowd away with bass heavy house beats coupled with his new visuals and lightshow. It was an absolutely amazing set throwing together everything from Alesso, R3hab, Swedish House Mafia, and of course his own already known tracks along with some new bangers. Of course he had to drop the infamous “Levels” and coupled it with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, which if the crowd wasn’t already pumped to the max, they were now. Catch that around 11:50 below, followed by the ever popular, “Antidote” by Swedish House Mafia. Finally he ended with Cazzette &Ash’s ‘That Shit Cray’ Remix of “Ni**as in Paris”, which was absolutely epic and blew my fucking mind. Check that around 23:00 in the video. Definitely an all around amazing show put together by Midnite Society. I’m happy to see the influx of EDM into CT. Hopefully I can see some more shows around my school here at Sacred Heart. Rage on my friends.