Festival Review- IDentity Festival // Festival Pier- Philadelphia // 7-29

Le Castle Vania!

So let me start off by saying “WOW!” Last Sunday at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, Identity Festival rolled through bringing some pretty big names in the EDM world to Philadelphia. Some of these names included Audrey Napoleon, Le Castle Vania, Madeon, Arty, Showtek, Excision, and Eric Prydz! The day could not have been more perfect with only a little bit of rain in the beginning, the sun was out most of the day and the music was blasting non stop.

Some of the highlights of the day was definitely Eva Simmons early on at Festival Pier with Eva Simmons putting on a hell of a show with her amazing vocals. Then came Audrey Napoleon bringing the techy beats with her hits like “Poison” and “Banana Soda.” A little later on came Arty bringing his massive house sound, which got Philly going insane. Just


when you thought IDFest couldn’t get crazier, Madeon took the stage and blew people away with a stunning set. Followed by the hard style of Showtek and the grimy bass drops of Excision. If you haven’t seen his set, you better check out the vids and pics because that stage set up was mind-blowing.

Then finally the festival concluded with the one and only Eric Prydz. Like I said in my festival preview coverage, Prydz has not performed in America for a few years now due to his phobia of flying. Well Identity got him here and he blew Philadelphia away. Playing some of his tracks including “Panjoo,” “Allien,” and coming out for an encore to play “Mirage.” It literally was a breath-taking DJ set. Now people may disagree with me just because he didn’t play his most known track,

Excision’s Stage!

“Call On Me.” My personal opinionĀ to why he didn’t play that is because he does not want to be like Avicii getting stuck playing “Levels” all the time. This is what I love about Prydz, he plays what he wants, not just what everyone expects to hear.

Either way, Identity Festival- Philadelphia was a great day for EDM in the city of brotherly love. Check out all the pics of you guys on our Facebook (don’t forget to like us) and be sure to check out our our interview with Audrey Napoleon and check back soon for our interview with Arty! Rage on!

Eric Prydz!

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Festival Preview: IDentity Festival- Festival Pier, Philadelphia 7/29/12

This summer’sĀ Identity Festival is at it again with its new summer tour! Last year they had stunning actings including Kaskade, Avicii, and Steve Aoki and this years the line up is sure to please with performances including:

Now if you don’t know already, Eric Prydz will be on tour with Identity and this is his first time touring the USA since about 2008! His fear of flying has kept him from gracing America with his newest work, but Identity has got him on schedule for Philadelphia and we are ecstatic to see his performance.
Eric Prydz is the big headliner but that doesn’t mean he’s the best DJ there. From the heavy bass lines of Excision to the unbelievable talent of Madeon. This years Identity festival will be one to remember. In Philadelphia, it is going to be held at Festival Pier with two stages called the iHome Stage and the Rockstar Energy Drink Stage.
I just really hope none of the major artists sets over lap like some of last years performances, which was the one thing that really bugged me. Other then that, this years Identity is guaranteed to be a highlight of your summer for anyone in the tristate area! Below is Showtek’s Identity Festival Mix just to give you a taste of what to expect from them! CMB will be at Identity Festival and so should you!

If you haven’t bought tickets BUY THEM NOW HERE

Dayglow Festival Pier, Philadelphia 4/13 Concert Review

Dr. Rage and Rmcspedon here, alright so I’m sure all of you have heard of the infamous Dayglow Paint Festival that’s been touring for some time now. Well last Friday the two of us had the wonderful chance to check it out again in Philadelphia at the Festival Pier. We have been to many Dayglows and I can honestly tell you, this trumps them all. The people over at Dayglow have really stepped up their game on this tour, bringing out major acts across the nation to give something for people to really rage to. This time around it was Chuckie. As we got there we heard the music bumping and the countdown to the paint blast starting. Everyone just seemed so happy and dancing, it truly seemed like a party atmosphere rather than a concert. Then came the infamous paint blast.

Blast countdown right before we got soaked with paint!

It was of epic proportions. The new paint cannons they built lived up to expectations and got nearly the entire crowd in one blast. Everyone just danced the night away to Betatraxx, Chuckie, David Solano, and the infamous Devil from Acapulco. While we weren’t too thrilled about Chuckie being the first up, as we had hoped he would close, the set he dropped as well as the surprise with The Devil at the end truly made up for it.

Some pics of us rocking our CMB tanks, everyone loved them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So many people have said that Dayglow is overrated and not worth it, trust me, they’ve brought this festival to a whole new level this time around and I promise it is worth every penny. Especially when they bring around acts like Chuckie, Alesso, and R3hab. Definitely a must see concert. Oh and once again from Rmcspedon and Dr. Rage, rage on my friends.

Chuckie going hard in the paint on stage!