Everything Everything – Cough Cough (Official Video)

This is one of the most original sounding songs I have heard so far this year. Everything Everything is a band from Manchester, United Kingdom and aim to make music that people might not be used to hearing, in essence they are a British Indie band. The reason I even heard this track was due to a tweet by Xaphoon Jones, the producer and drummer for Chiddy Bang who is currently working on the official Xaphoon Jones remix of the song. So check the track out and be sure to check back for the remix. Cheers!

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Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen

Ahhhhhh! Yes, finally, some more new Ellie Goulding tracks for us to enjoy. The radio around me has finally started playing Lights, but by now, that track is old news, and its safe to say that based on this single the new album is going to be dope. Co-produced by Xaphoon Jones, this track contains his signature production style as well as the soaring highs and lows of Ellies voice and her beautiful lyricism. So, take a listen, check out the sick fan inspired Instagram infused music video, and get ready for Halcyon, which comes out on October 9th!

Interview With Audrey Napoleon From Philly Identity Festival

In a business dominated by males, it takes a little more effort for the opposite sex to stand out in the world of DJing. When you are Audrey Napoleon, standing out amongst the boys is something that comes easy. Jet black hair, rosy red eye shadow, high stockings, high top converses and kick ass electro house music make her an awesomely unique face in the EDM world. On her first road tour as a DJ, the “Underground Pop” (as she likes to call her style of music) DJ/Producer is having the time of her life being a part of the Identity Festival Tour. “This tour is fucking rad,” said Napoleon after talking how “Legend” Eric Prydz played her track “Banana Soda es Muy Loca” the night before at a stop in New York. “I couldn’t believe he played my song.” With many big names on the tour and the majority of them males, Audrey said she is used to being one of the only girls and actually “loves it.” For part of the Identity Tour, including Philadelphia, Singer Eva Simmons will accompany her as another female face. “Eva has a heavenly voice,” said Napoleon about the popular vocalist who is known for tracks such as “Take Over Control” with Afrojack. She enjoys hanging with the talented singer when they have their minimal down time during each tour day.

“I love Techno, but I also love Pop. I try to include a bit of both in my music,” said Napoleon. “I really like vocals in tracks.” She says she isn’t a huge fan of the word genre because it limits what people think you should play. “I grew up with my dad playing music like Depeche Mode and The Clash. So I have always been into the darker side of music,” said Audrey about some of her influence on her music and her own personal style. “My mom also made my clothes for me as a child,” was a comment Audrey made about her style of dress. “I’ve been told before that I could be the child of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson,” said the dark house queen as we both shared a laugh. Her style may appear dark, but her friendliness towards to the CMB Family was anything but that. Smiles and openness to talk about future plans in the music world brought light to a dressing room on an early Sunday morning.  After finishing up the Identity Tour, Napoleon will be working on a “Pop Art” Clothing line, which will be presented in NYLON Magazine. Not only does she have an ear for music, but a love of fashion. After her work in the clothing world, she will continue back with her musical desires with a few shows at The Mid in Chicago, a short residency at The Wynn in Las Vegas, and a stop at the Counterpoint Music Festival, just to name a few.

Audrey Napoleon is on to big things and we knew she was no joke after catching her set. Plenty of energy, heavy bass lines, and consistent techy electro house synths took a crowd that didn’t have much life to a new level. “This is our 60s music revolution,” said Audrey. She says she loves how dance music is expanding in the US and doesn’t mind that some of it is getting to the mainstream audience. “It’s been around in Europe forever. Finally people here are realizing how fucking awesome dance music is.” She hopes that the scene will continue to grow. Audrey Napoleon is a name you should know. When someone has such a great love and passion for what they are doing, you can’t help but want to watch them enjoy their craft. Stay tuned for some new stuff that Audrey promises to be released this fall! This mysteriously dark house goddess is sure never to disappoint!

Check out Audrey Napoleon’s 6 track EP “Ornamental Egos” on BEATPORT

Check out Audrey Napoleon on Facebook

Check out Audrey Napoleon on Soundcloud

Yoni – Taylor’s Coke Problem

Taylor Swift has a coke problem!??? No, not really, but Yoni decided to take some lyrics from America’s sweetheart and make this sweet mashup insinuating some dirty deeds done by Ms Swift. I mean, just take a look at the songs he sampled and its pretty clear what Yoni is going for in his newest track, “Fifteen” Taylor Swift
“More Coke” Cherry Coke
“Wild Ones” Flo-rida
“Tung” Deniz Koyu
“Toulouse” Nicky Romero
“For the First Time” The Script
“Domino” Jessie J

But anyways, rest assured everyone, my future wife isn’t a coke addict, but she is involved in yet another sick Yoni mashup which you guys all need to check out below!

Labrinth – Express Yourself (Official Video)

Sampling the classic Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm band hit “Express Yourself” Labrinth has crafted an incredibly catchy tune that serves as the 4th single off of his album Electronic Earth. The song has that funky vibe that reminds of the Jackson 5. Some of you may also have a familiarity with this song as it has been sampled in the 1988 N.W.A song also titled Express Yourself. Anyways, the video is awesome, with some references to the Fresh Prince and the Simpsons thrown in, and it also just bursts with color and fun. So check out one of the top producers and artists in England and enjoy this latest masterpiece from Labrinth

Olly Murs ft Chiddy Bang – Heart Skips A Beat

Well this song isnt exactly new, but this version, featuring some vocals from Chiddy is. This is actually the third video/version of this song, one with just Olly, a second, from last summer with the Rizzle Kicks, and now this one with Chiddy. So check it out and let us know which version you like the best.

Update – Supposedly you cant see the official video on Olly Murs Vevo account with Rizzle Kicks because that is the European Version and this new Chiddy remix is the US Version. WTF

Collbie Caillat – Favorite Song ft Common

Yeah yeah, I know, what is Collbie Caillat doing on CMB, well you can thank Common and an annoying catchy hook for that. Honestly, the la la la la la part makes me want to stab myself in the ears, BUT the rest of the song is surprisingly good and I can help but sing along. Common adds two good verses and this song has the vibe that screams summer jam the entire way through, so take a listen and check out the video

Download Favorite Song ft Common