From Across The Pond – The 1975

So I happened to be checking the top 40 list on and happened to come across this band. Not only is Chocolate the most infectious song I’ve heard in the past month, but the rest of the bands tracks are really good as well. With a sort of funky alternative vibe, the boys from Manchester have definitely found the formula for penetrating the radio waves both in the UK and stateside. Kind of off topic, but I actually heard this track the other day in my college dining hall and it made my day.

Along with checking out chocolate, you guys also need to hear the Ryan Hemsworth edit of Sex. Hemsworth adds a cool ethereal sounding piano part on top of the track. This takes it to a whole new level and makes me picture it as something you would relax and smoke to after a long night at the club.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the band because their new album drops soon!


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2012 Year End Mashups! Part 1!

Its just about that time, no not Christmas, no not New Years, but well, technically New Years I guess, because we are about to be bombarded with a slew of best of lists as well as year end mashups. Ugh, this category of music used to be pretty good, but then people started mashing too many songs together with no real purpose. Anyways, here are the two biggest mashups so far. The first is from DJ Earworm, who started this trend of year end mixes. Not gonna lie, I think this is his best one yet. The songs actually work together, the lyrics make a real song, and the transitions are wonderful. I highly advise any fan of radio music to check this one out.


Second, we have the 2012 installment of Pop Danthology, which bold informs us that it mashed up 50+ pop songs. Geez, 50+, really, and this thing is 8 minutes long? This song is a perfect example of why mashups get a bad name. One, its too long, like way too long. Also, it just doesnt sound like the same song throughout, just a bunch of minimashups strung together to make a huge one. Its not to say that this mix doesnt have its moments, but it isnt a stunning as Earworms.


If you liked these mashups, be sure to check back for Part 2, some time later this week as we highlight some of the mashups from lesser known djs. Unless the world ends and all that shit, then yah know, we’ll be dead.

Everything Everything – Cough Cough (Official Video)

This is one of the most original sounding songs I have heard so far this year. Everything Everything is a band from Manchester, United Kingdom and aim to make music that people might not be used to hearing, in essence they are a British Indie band. The reason I even heard this track was due to a tweet by Xaphoon Jones, the producer and drummer for Chiddy Bang who is currently working on the official Xaphoon Jones remix of the song. So check the track out and be sure to check back for the remix. Cheers!

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Active Child Cover)

Here is the second song released by Ellie Goulding following her amazing cover of the weeknd’s High For This which was produced by Chiddy Bang member, Xaphoon Jones. This track is entitled Hanging On and is a cover of a song by Active Child, who up until this point I had never heard of. Ellie’s voice works perfectly on the track and her version maintains the harp and light airiness that make the track so special in the first place. Ive included the live version of the song as done by Active Child so you guys can compare. I personally like the Ellie version better, but the original is impressive in its own right. My only gripe is the unnecessary Tinie Tempah verse, but whatever, hopefully if someone remixes this they will graciously cut it out : ]


Trey Songz- Heart Attack

Well, its Monday, and I’m going back through all the songs in the past month that we missed out on bringing you guys. This includes videos, album updates and quite possibly new music too. So to start off, here are the visuals to the latest Trey Songz single, Heart Attack. The video is pretty basic, but does have some special parts that set it apart from every other cookie cutter piece of shit.

Chris Brown – Sweet Love (Official Video)

Chris Brown’s nose ring is throwing me off. That is all. Oh, and this is another song to add to the Sex Playlist.

Other Songs That Should Be On Your Sex Playlist
Ne-Yo – Lazy Love 
Usher  – Lemme See
Fabolous – Got That Work
The-Dream – Kill The Lights