“Chum” – Earl Sweatshirt

This weekend, Earl Sweatshirt unexpectedly released his first solo track since 2010 with his song “Chum”. Sweatshirt is part of Hip Hop Group Odd Future/OFWGKTA, which is led by Tyler, The Creator.

It has definitely been an interesting journey for Earl Sweatshirt. In 2010 at the age of 16, his debut studio album called Earl received great critical acclaim and was voted the 24th best album of 2010 by Complex Magazine. After that, his mother was not happy that he kept getting into trouble, and sent him to a reform school in Samoa for troubled boys. Sweatshirt’s lyrics are very dark, and his mother said that lyrics had nothing to do with sending him away.

And it is clear that his lyrics have not changed much with the lyrics he had in “Chum”. He talks about Tyler helping him in a troubled time and the invasion of media as a whole. Hopefully, this can let fans think Earl Sweatshirt is still on his game.

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Frank Ocean – “Sweet LIFE”

This has been a very interesting past few days for Frank Ocean. He has been slowly popping up in music magazines and blogs as the anticipation for his first album Channel Orange mounts. Then, to make him even more buzz worthy, he publicly said over his Tumblr page that he is bisexual. Now, just 10 days away from his album finally coming out, he released yet another song that is going to be on the album, and it gives a great example of Ocean’s smooth vocals.

The song Sweet LIFE, written and composed by Ocean and Pharrell Williams, is some really upbeat relaxed music, something that is a very far cry from a song that say, OFWGKTA leading man Tyler, The Creator would make. However, this album is really going to be Ocean’s first solo venture. Yes he has written for a lot of stars already and is part of the OFWGTKA family along with Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, as well as others. But this is first shot at being an individual, which is heightened by his admission of being bisexual.

I can’t begin to say how excited I am for this album to come out. Honestly, I think its going to change the R&B game. Like turn it on its head and make the world notice who Frank Ocean is. Radio play, critical acclaim, everything. I really think the sky’s the limit for him.

Download: Frank Ocean – “Sweet LIFE”

BREAKING NEWS: Frank Ocean Comes Out as Bisexual

In the past hour or so, Frank Ocean posted this e-mail above to his tumblr page. In these obvious heartfelt words, he stated that he has had loving relationships both with men and women. And he is trying to grow as a person by letting the world know. This was hinted at in many of his songs in his new album Channel Orange. A lot of his songs are love songs, such as “Forrest Gump” and “Bad Religion” yet in them he says “him” instead of “her” (as reported by BB1 Extra).

First of all good for him. Obviously this was very hard for him and something that he really struggled with in his life. And being able to come clean on such a matter, especially when you’re a public figure must be very difficult.

Ocean, ghostwriter for the likes of Beyonce and Kanye West, is also a member of OFWGTKA, led by rapper Tyler, The Creator. His album Channel Orange is due out July 17th. There was already a lot of buzz about it, and this can only add to that

Hodgy Beats & Tyler the Creator – NY (Ned Flander)

“NY (Ned Flander)” is the second single off the upcoming project, OF Tape Volume 2. This video features the same middle-aged and overweight man in “Rella” (played by Hodgy Beats) and thus provides some grounding for the aforementioned video which—even for Odd Future—seemed way out of this world. The visuals seen in “Rella” are probably the side effects of the pills we see the man, presumably Ned Flander, taking in the “NY (Ned Flander)” video. For those who have not seen “Rella” yet, definitely head here to check it out before watching “NY (Ned Flander).”

Hodgy, Domo Genesis & Tyler the Creator – Rella

I really don’t understand the appeal of some of the members of Odd Future, but for some reason they continue to be popular (possibly because of us bloggers posting about them). Anyways, this is a new track & video from the guys featuring the typical random video antics of the group. Although this might not be a track I add to my ipod, I did enjoy Tylers verse, which in my opinion is the highlight of the track. So take some time and check out Golf Wangs latest offering

The Game- Martians vs. Goblins (Ft. Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne) (Official Video)

Creepy, definitely creepy. Odd Future has been tearing it up this year. They have developed a devoting fan base which is growing daily. The Game recruited  Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne for this song off R.E.D. Album. You can purchase the album on iTunes